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Packmen bubble wrap is the only Australian owned, operated and manufactured bubble wrap brand in Queensland. We specialise in protective packaging solutions

We identified that there was a place for an Australian owned manufacturer of bubble wrap in Queensland

Understanding that if we were not greedy and serviced our customers with the attitude of solving their protective packaging needs followed by a straight-up easy transaction Brisbane Bubble Wrap will grow from strength to strength well into the future.

With manufacturing bubble wrap we believe comes a social and environmental responsibility which is at the forefront of our production and recycling procedures and policies.

We have plans in place to extend our protective packaging offer.

We look forward to offering our customers a quality product at a cost-effective price.

Rob Seymour - Director Brisbane Bubble Wrap



Rob Seymour

My career has been dominated by FMCG spreading across 3 countries working with blue chip companies and family owned businesses. Having taken the leap of faith in Brisbane Bubble Wrap my commitment to hassle free honest business surpasses the policies and procedures I’ve acquired over a 25 year career.

Hobbies: Jet skiing, fishing.

Enjoy: Rugby, cricket, camping, Family.

Dislikes: A disregard for common decency and respect.



Deborah Seymour

I have had a successful and extensive professional career in Project management, finance, systems and process improvement. I have worked with many industries ranging from stock markets to textiles. I'm a mother to 4 successful adult children and a proud grandmother to 5 precious grandchildren.

Hobbies: Art, social media.

Enjoy: Camping, Family.

Dislikes: Bullying and cruelty to people and animals.

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